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The DaVinci MIQRO is a small, sleek and sophisticated loose leaf vaporizer crafted to fit your lifestyle. We have packed all of the flavour, quality and precision that DaVinci is known for into the smallest premium vaporizer on the market today. The MIQRO is the perfect choice for the micro-doser or light user.

Vape Features:

Removable Battery
Zirconium Airflow System
Adjustable Oven Pearl
Precision Temperature & Smart Paths
Attached Lids
All Ceramic Airpath

How It Works:

The Miqro is even more streamlined than the IQ, giving you a streamlined and simple process. After popping the chamber open you’ll want to fill it with finely ground herb, tamped down slightly to help its conductive properties.
Once you’ve adjusted the pearl according to the bowl size you want to hit, you’ll then reseal the lid and turn the unit on with the power button.
After adjusting the temperature with the respective buttons and referring to the smart LED display to help you fine tune it, you’ll want to wait roughly 40 seconds while it heats up.
After that, just inhale and off you go!

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