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3"x2.5" Carved Flower Soapstone Mortar & Pestle

3"x2.5" Carved Flower Soapstone Mortar & Pestle

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Enhance your kitchen with this beautifully crafted 3" x 2.5" Carved Flower Soapstone Mortar & Pestle. The intricate floral design adds an elegant touch to your culinary experience.

  • Made from durable soapstone, ensuring longevity and sturdiness
  • The 3" x 2.5" size makes it perfect for grinding herbs and spices
  • The carved flower design adds a decorative element to your kitchen decor
  • Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco

Elevate your cooking routine with this functional and aesthetically pleasing mortar and pestle.


  • 3" x 2.5"
  • Made from soapstone
  • Carved flower design

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