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Focus V Saber Electric Dab Tool

Focus V Saber Electric Dab Tool

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Welcome to the future of dabbing where the hassle of scooping sticky concentrates is eliminated! The Focus V Saber Electric Dab Tool is a must-have dab accessory for any savvy stoner's collection, preventing wasted concentrate or messes when getting your setup ready for a good time.

Housed in an ergonomic spiral-contoured body, this electronic hot knife provides an efficient way to cut through concentrates like butter. Programmed with three power levels, you can use only the amount of heat needed to scoop without scorching depending on the substance's viscosity. The Saber is equipped with single button operation for powering on, off, and cycling through heat settings quickly.

This unit utilizes a high quality ceramic tip that heats up promptly and prevents your concentrates from sticking to the dab tool, reducing waste and clean up time! Connected with a twist-lock mechanism, this tip can be replaced if needed without replacing the whole unit!

Perhaps the feature that sets the Saber apart from the rest is the front-mounted LED spotlight so you can dab in the daytime or keep the party going after dark. Switch it on with a simple touch and maintain full visibility even in low light environments.

A matching travel cap is included, which protects the tip during storage and travel. This compact accessory is super portable and easy to use with any dab setup, from glass rigs to pens and eRigs. It has a long-lasting battery that is quick to recharge via the Type-C USB port. Multiple colors are available.

Focus V Saber Electric Dab Tool Tech Specs:


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