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Puffco Proxy Travel Pack - Flourish LE

Puffco Proxy Travel Pack - Flourish LE

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The Puffco Proxy Travel Pack includes multiple vivid green silicone attachments that allow users to store all the dab tools they require in one location. This viridescent storage backpack--made to match the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer Flourish Edition--holds tools and supplies while the mouthpiece cover protects the glass tip and makes for easy sharing. The set also includes a Proxy ball carb cap and a chamber jacket & tether to keep the carb cap secured. This kit will give Proxy users an additional level of security and functionality. ***Vaporizer NOT included***


  • Proxy ball carb cap
  • Silicone backpack
  • Mouthpiece cover
  • Chamber jacket & tether
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