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RYOT Solid Wood GR8TR Top w/ Glass Jar

RYOT Solid Wood GR8TR Top w/ Glass Jar

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This solid wood grinder is made from quality walnut wood and is connected to a tempered clear glass jar. Grind directly into storage to cut out the mess of transferring your ground herb! This patented Kannastör® GR8TR design can be used interchangeably with any RYOT jar or storage system. Grinder has a silicone seal for airtight storage to keep herb fresh.


  • Solid wood grinder w/ glass jar body
  • Made with walnut
  • 2.5 inch diameter
  • Magnetic closure
  • Guaranteed not to warp
  • Airtight closure
  • BPA-free, eco-friendly
  • 100% plastic-free
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