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Yocan Regen Variable Voltage Wax Pen

Yocan Regen Variable Voltage Wax Pen

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The Yocan Regen is the newest addition to Yocan's wax pen line-up. The battery has variable voltage so you can pick the appropriate heat level for the material you are loading.

Three small lights above the button indicate whether you are on the Low setting (3.0V), Medium (3.5V), or High (4.2V). This pen comes with a triple quartz coil and a dual quartz coil, in case you prefer a little less heat. Reloading is a snap with the magnetic mouthpiece, and it even has a 2mL dab container built-in to the base. Includes dab tool and lanyard.


  • 1100mAh battery
  • Variable voltage
  • Triple and dual quartz coils
  • Built-in 2mL dab jar
  • Includes dab tool and lanyard
  • Multiple colors available
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