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Yocan UNI S Portable Box Mod Vape

Yocan UNI S Portable Box Mod Vape

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The most discreet of the UNI collection by Yocan, the UNI S Portable Box Mod fits easily into pockets and purses. With its retractable cartridge system, vape tanks can be raised and lowered as needed. These sturdy vape batteries have a zinc alloy exterior that is non-scratch with a smooth metallic texture.

Made to work with almost any size of oil cartridge, the UNI S has adjustable height and width capabilities to ensure comfortable security every time. The magnetic cartridge adapter allows for hassle free magnetic attachment. Replacement adapter rings available.

Reach any level of heat needed for concentrate and oil tanks with the variable voltage feature, indicated by LED lights along the side of the vape.

Note: Oil cartridges sold separarely.

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